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MFIII PE (Placenta Extract Capsule)

Cell Therapy starts with the selection of specific organ cells from a fetal animal bred specifically for this purpose. Many years of experience have shown that sheep are the best donor animals because they are vital, hardy animals with best immune systems and natural disease resistance.
Sheep proteins are particularly compatible with the human body and trigger no immune reactions. In Live Cell Therapy these vigorous young cells, with their vital life force still active, are injected into a human host.

Since fetal cells have no antigens, they are not recognized as foreign by the host body. According to Dr. Niehans' proven theory, they circulate from site of injection until they recognize and congregate at the human counterpart of the organ from which they were taken (liver cells go to the liver, sex cells go to the sexual organs, heart cells go the heart etc. These young cells, which are a functional organ specific but not species specific, imprint their vigor upon old, tired and degenerating cells, stimulating them to function with renewed efficiency. The organ itself then retains its vigor and vitality.
In addition to general body revitalization, health maintenance and life extension, Cell Therapy will effectively stimulate the cells of specific organ systems, concerned with obesity arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative brain disease, osteoporosis, circulatory disturbances, sexual dysfunction, male impotence, diabetes, mellitus, hormonal disturbances, skins eruptions, and many other metabolic diseases. Your face will also look younger and healthier in texture and color. Your body physically fitter and more flexible.

Some physicians feel that the most important results of Cell Therapy, are they revitalization of the body immune system & defense mechanisms. When damage occurs to the cells that make up the various tissues and organs involved in the immune systems (either through the aging process or from environmental poisons), the body becomes defenseless against both external invasion and internal degeneration. Damage to the organs of the immune system may be reversed through revitalization & regeneration with Cell Therapy. These new and energetic fresh cells act quickly and effectively to stimulate the body's defense mechanism. There is enormous interest in the use of this therapy to dramatically slow down the aging process ad to regain your health, your vitality and your physical power. All of us want to live long quality life; no one wants to grow old.

MFIII Of Switzerland


MFIII - Celebrities Choice
Our Swiss belief...There is no Compromise
for A real quality product!
Astrid (Swiss Model)

MFIII Research Team
MFIII Swiss Research Team

MFIII PE of Switzerland (Placenta Extract), is currently the One and Only* livelised Swiss Placenta (ovine) extracts in unrivalled hi-tech bio active capsules form for anti-aging, tissues regeneration and rejuvenation; giving you not just beautiful skin with vibrant vitality, but also a regenerated younger, healthier you.
Now for the first time in 70 years. "Cell Therapy" has become available to the public in high-tech soft gel capsules form, making it possible to receive the incredible benefits without leaving your home.

Pope Pius XII was so pleased with the treatment that he inducted Dr. Paul Niehans, the founder of Live Cell Therapy into the Papal Academy Of Science, making him the successor to the late Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. Many celebrities, Presidents and the Swiss World Cup teams members are on Cell Therapy.


MFIII Placenta Capsules

MFIII PE of Switzerland is NOT a DRUG, as it does not contain any chemicals but solely a nutritional supplement branded by many as the 'Rolls Royce of all nutritional supplements'. MFIII is totally safe and can be used in conjunction with any other vitamins or nutritional supplements.

After consumption of 2 to 6 boxes (depending on individual life style) of MFIII PE, you can begin to feel and enjoy the followings:

-Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

-Regenerated cells, tissues and organs

-More Flexible joints and disc

-Vast improvement in Immune System against diseases

-Younger and more Vibrant looks

-Enhancement in stamina, energy level and sexual function

-Finer skin texture, toned color and also a firmer body

-Improvement in blood circulation and deeper relaxing sleep





Our Celebrities Users


Angelika and Andrea Sooch, International Model


MFIII Model Andrea

Others Testimonials

Models are subjected to very long and stressful working hours. Therefore, MFIII is the perfect solution to ease our workload. It does wonders for us as it boosts stamina, self-confidence and alertness. I would not be able to function effectively if not for MFIII.
<Y.C. Wenger, Model>

MFIII is my preferred choice. My profession demands that I move from place to place, and most of the time under very tight schedule, My health suffered as a result, After having tried MFIII, my body system is totally restored and re-energized everyday! I definitely feel years younger.
<Conelias Doelker, Swiss Model>

My health deteriorated after an automobile accident 2 years ago. I often had joint pains in the night. I started on MFIII after my friend, Renee, recommended it to me. Thanks be to her now that the pain's gone! This is without doubt the best health product for my whole family!
<Marie Pierre T., French designer>


MFIII FDA Approved
    FDA USA Regn No: C3767

Swiss Authorities Certification
MFIII is originally manufactured and packed in Switzerland with full conformity to international stringent standards of GMP<Good Manufacturing Practise>, SQS<Swiss Association for Quality & Management System>, ISO9001, ISO14001, European Eurocerta certifications, GLP <Good Laboratory Practise>, TQM<Total Quality Management>, SOP<Standard Operating Procedures> and Swiss Certification SCES002023. MFIII also comes with independent Swiss laboratories reports and analyses.

Main Ingredient:- Ovine Extracts Concentrated 30:1 (Equivalent 9,000mg Fresh), Marine Protein 400mg, Vit C 60mg (from Acerola Extract 120mg). Soft Gelatin: Fish

Each MFIII PE box consist of 30 Soft gel Capsules (1740mg) to be taken daily (one capsule) half hour before meal, preferably before breakfast.


Swiss Health CertificationsSwiss Health Certifications 
Swiss Authorities & Health Certifications
Good Laboratory PracticesGood Manufacturing Practices 
Good Lab and Manufacturing Practices
Swiss Health Certification Safe ConsumptionHACCP
Swiss Health Safe Consumption, HACCP

Look And Feel Younger Now!

MFIII PE Advance 30 Softgels Per Box, with Polimerised DNA Extract and 9000mg equivalent of Sheep Placenta


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Research & Formulated by:
LabDomAvmm Biotechnologies Sarl, Suisse

Manufactured In:
SWISSCAPS AG, Switzerland


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Environment Management System

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PE Plus
MFIII PE Advance Formula or PE Plus, enhanced formulation and packaging.

PE Advance Formula

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